Out today: The Phoenix of Florence by Philip Kazan

A gripping and brutal story of war, identity and family set in 16th century Italy

Deep in Tuscany, a family rivalry thought resolved leads to the massacre of the entire Ormani family, leaving just one survivor: a teenage girl. Lost in the forest, having barely escaped with her life, she vows to survive at all costs…

Years later, in Florence, former soldier turned law enforcer Onorio Celavini investigates two brutal murders which appear to be crimes of passion. But the pieces do not add up, and Celavini becomes increasingly convinced that there is more to this case than meets the eye. As he digs further, he is horrified to find a personal connection to the crime, and a menacing conspiracy lurking beyond. The secrets of his past threaten to spill out, and Celavini is forced revisit the traumatic memories hidden deep within him, to lay the ghosts of history to rest.

 Poignant, brutal and compelling, The Phoenix of Florence is a richly told and cleverly crafted tale of a struggle for identity and a battle for justice in an Italy besieged by war.

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Philip Kazan was born in London and grew up in Dartmoor. His previous books include two historical novels set in fifteenth-century Florence, and the Petroc series, which follows the exploits of a thirteenth-century adventurer. His latest novel was the critically acclaimed The Black Earth, set between the two World Wars. The Phoenix of Florence marks his return to medieval Italy. After living in New York and Vermont, Philip is back on the edge of Dartmoor with his wife and three children.

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‘Kazan conjures up Florence as a magnificent stew of street life…richly evoked’ New York Times on The Painter of Souls

‘Kazan’s rich, sensuous prose is always a pleasure’ The Sunday Times on Appetite

‘A wonderful historical sweep of a novel but it always feels intimate and personal … an addictive page-turner’ Red Magazine on Appetite

 ‘Philip Kazan’s style is highly descriptive and sometimes lyrical: I found it reminiscent of the prose of Helen Dunmore’ Historical Novel Society on The Black Earth

‘This is the novel I will be pressing on family and friends over the summer’ The Times on The Black Earth

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