Out Now - HALF A WORLD AWAY By Sue Haasler

A powerful and gripping love story, set in the dying days of the Cold War…

Unusual, warm and touching.
— Leicester Mercury


Love can transcend walls, borders and politics. But when you fall in love with the wrong person, it can be destructive…

1987, East Berlin. Alex works long hours in the family bakery to help his ailing father but dreams of becoming a professional saxophone player. For now, he puts his musical talents to use performing pop songs at weddings with his friends. And then he meets Nicky, a beautiful English woman working as an au pair. East Berlin is not the dour place Nicky expected. Not so different from the West. And surely politics and walls can’t get in the way of love?

But they have been spotted by the lonely Detlef, a small-time Stasi informer. Detlef relishes the power that observing his neighbours brings him – until he meets Alex and develops a deep obsession for him. As Alex’s music becomes more and more successful, he moves closer to influences considered subversive by a state that has eyes and ears everywhere. And all the while, Detlef’s obsessive passion grows, and puts them all in grave danger…

About the author

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Sue Haasler was born and raised in County Durham and studied English Literature and Linguistics at Liverpool University. After graduating she moved to London and worked for three years as a residential social worker. Since then, she has lived as an administrator for a disability charity, which recruits volunteer carers for disabled adults. Many of the volunteers are from abroad and this is how she met her husband, who is from the former East Berlin. Sue is the author of four previous novels, True Colours, Time After Time, Two's Company and Better Than the Real Thing. Two's Company was optioned for film by Warner Bros. In addition, Sue has been commissioned by the BBC to write an authorized tie-in to Holby City. She is married with an adult daughter and lives in London.

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