Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2017 submissions close

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Submissions for the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2017—for the best work in data visualisation from around the world—have now closed.

The awards received a record 787 entries in its sixth year (up from 523 in 2016), with 2017 artists employing an increasing range of alternative media to tackle issues ranging from: politics, gender inequality, social justice, immigration, terrorism and climate change.

The Trump presidency is the largest single subject addressed by entrants, as visualizers use big data to separate the fact and fiction from his first year in office. Concerns about fake news inspired important fact-checking work investigating Trump’s claims, and the media coverage they received, whilst Trump’s business interests were documented via examination of hundreds of his financial ties. Entries also dived into the Russia scandal, and an entertaining piece even compares Trump mentions in hip-hop – it looks like he’s fallen out of favour with rappers...

As the world reels in the wake of Hurricane Maria and the Mexican earthquake, data viz explores extreme weather and the environment, from flooding in China to Arctic melt. Hurricane Harvey SOS looks at the scale of those affected by the recent disaster in real-time, pinpointing the needs and concerns of people caught up in crisis. Meanwhile, the fascinating Watergrabbing Atlas offers insight into existing conflict around our most valuable resource: water- who’s got it, who hasn’t and who’s stealing it?

Light-hearted entries in the ‘Unusual’ category provide answers to questions you didn’t know you have: Why did google searches of the word ‘donut’ peak in July of 2015? Why is September 15th is an important day for cheeseburgers? In another entry, wisdom from the world’s first robotic bartender reveals that Chinese drinkers are more likely to order a Firefly or a Shirley Temple from a cocktail bar, and don’t even bother offering a Spaniard a Long Island Ice Tea.

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Entries were received from 26 countries, including the USA, UK, Italy, China, Germany, Canada, Australia, India and the Netherlands.

The full showcase of all entries, including those mentioned here, is now live at this link.

The longlist announcement is on Tuesday 3 October, with the shortlist announced Tuesday 17 October. The winner will be revealed in a ceremony in London on Tuesday 28 November.

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