Fire fighting in South Tyrol, salmon fishing in Alaska, and a museum in Palestine

Edition 4 of Monocle - The Summer Weekly closes the summer experiment

Monocle – The Summer Weekly publishes the fourth and final edition of its 2017 session today, with stories on the volunteer firefighters of South Tyrol, trends in the future of industrial design and architecture, and two Alaskan sisters who have a new take on sustainable salmon fishing. The paper interviews the award-winning author and political commentator Elif Shafak and the director of the newly opened Palestinian Museum. 

Edition 4 looks at why Arab middle classes have discovered the Balkans as a holiday destination and how seasonal bars and cafes in Zürich are making their annual profits in just a few weeks’ time. MONOCLE reports on an Athens co-op that is reshaping how residents are living together and explores the lakes surrounding Berlin - beloved by locals but still a secret to most outsiders.

MONOCLE’s trend-defying summer experiment - a 48-page premium-quality newspaper published every Thursday throughout August - has been well received by readers, advertisers and the media. Developed in Zürich, edited in London and printed in Bolzano, Monocle - The Summer Weekly brought a new standard in weekly newspaper design and content to holiday resorts, travel hubs and key cities this summer.

“Over the last four weeks, we spotted the bright yellow cover strap of our weekly newspaper peeking out of holdalls atop wheely cases at train stations, on short haul airplanes, and next to the stripy sun loungers on the Med. We felt that a printed newspaper was the best way to reach a sophisticated audience on their holidays, and judging from the many positive responses we have received from readers around the world, our summer adventure has proven us right.” 
— Tyler Brûlé, editor in chief and chairman of MONOCLE