Edition 3: Barcelona, Milan’s banking on Brexit, and saving farmers with lattes

In its third edition, Monocle – The Summer Weekly responds to the recent terror attacks in Barcelona, interviews the mayors of Milan and Melbourne, and looks at how hip coffee shops are saving struggling farmers in England’s West Country.

MONOCLE speaks to the risk specialist Sally Leivesley to find out if enough is being done to safeguard Europe’s cities, security experts provide their take on what they have learned from the attacks, and in a comment piece, The Summer Weekly says it’s time for Spain to tell Morocco to “get its house in order”.

With the UK set to leave the EU in 19 months, Guiseppe Sala, Milan’s mayor, talks about his efforts to entice finance firms to his city by cutting the country’s red tape. There is reporting from the coast of Egypt, where wealthy Egyptians have created a world that shakes off the concerns chasing them in Cairo. A short story for a PM short on ideas, tells Theresa May what she might do on her upcoming visit to Japan.


MONOCLE reporters head to England’s West Country to find out about the coffee-loving London firm that has come up with a plan for paying struggling farmers in England’s West Country more money to make the perfect barista milk. The mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, explains why quick fixes aren’t enough to address the city’s growing problems with drugs and homelessness.

MONOCLE suggests holiday reads that aren’t confined to pure escapism, and talks to the novelist Elizabeth Day, whose latest novel, The Party, is an unflinching social study and gripping psychological thriller. The paper profiles the young design firm that is taking on the challenge of updating the design for Swiss cafe furniture, which has remained unchanged since the 1950s, and looks at how railway stations, once a microcosm of a city’s seedier side, have become beating hearts of urban renewal.

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