Edition 2: Turkish protests, deckchair diplomacy and the death of the millennial

Monocle - The Summer Weekly leads its second edition with an investigation into the Canary Islands’ role as a gateway to business in Africa, an interview with the Turkish opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, and a visit to Paris in preparation for the 2024 Olympics. MONOCLE’s new weekly finds out how the diplomatic stand-off between Qatar and Saudi Arabia is playing out on the deckchairs of London’s Hyde Park, and breaks the news that millennials do not actually exist.

Humorous takes on world leaders not returning from holiday (What would the number twos do?) sit next to colourful business features, from Portuguese cork producers finding new customers in a screw cap world to hyper-local shoemaking in Lyon. In an interview, the CEO of Capital Music Group, Steve Barnett, says that the best is yet to come for the music industry.

Readers, advertisers and the media have reacted positively to the newspaper launch, which sits well with the wider success story of the MONOCLE brand: according to the latest ABC figures, published last week, the global media enterprise now sells more copies of its flagship magazine than ever (81,504). The 7% increase stands in contrast to the market average, which is seeing a -6% decline.

Published every Thursday throughout August, Monocle - The Summer Weekly is on sale in key cities, airports, travel hubs and resorts. Both the price (EUR5/GBP5/CHF8) and print-run (70,000) of the three-section, 48-page premium-quality paper, reflect MONOCLE’s belief that there will always be an audience for a beautifully designed, carefully curated, well-produced print product.

“We have received such a nice response to Monocle - The Summer Weekly from both readers and advertiser. People are really happy that we’ve had the confidence to bring something new to the market.”
— Tyler Brûlé, editor in chief and chairman of MONOCLE
Tyler Brûlé

Tyler Brûlé


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