MONOCLE launches printed weekly newspaper

Global media enterprise MONOCLE embarks on its “latest adventure in ink and paper” today with the launch of a new printed newspaper. Published every Thursday throughout August, Monocle – The Summer Weekly will be on sale in holiday resorts, airports and major cities around the world.

MONOCLE will call on bureau chiefs from its extensive global network — spanning Toronto, New York, London, Zürich, Istanbul, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo — to contribute to the paper, with its core editorial teams in London and Zürich. Specifically, James Chambers and Ed Stocker, our Hong Kong and New York bureau chiefs respectively, have been called into the London office to lend their editorial support.

Highlights from the launch issue include an interview with Margrethe Vestager, the tech-company-slaying EU competition commissioner, and reportage from Iraq, where MONOCLE reporters meet the residents rebuilding the city of Mosul. The former Tate Modern director Stephen Deuchar comments on the “museum-building bubble” and author James Hawes explains why few understand German chancellor Angela Merkel’s plans.

MONOCLE’s trademark design, global perspective and firm commitment to long-form reads are brought together in a three-section, 48-page premium-quality newspaper that features essays, news reporting, high-profile commentary and fresh photography. Global-affairs coverage sits next to features on arts, design and lifestyle, providing readers with a smart summer companion for the beach, café, piazza or plane.

“Monocle – The Summer Weekly is our latest adventure in ink and paper. Everyone is very down about newspapers but there is something very exciting about this form. You don’t mind if it gets a bit of suncream on it, or if it gets waterlogged. It can follow you around for the day – or for the week. We thought that August was the perfect time to let people dive into this again.”
— Tyler Brûlé, editor in chief and chairman of MONOCLE

Developed in Zurich, edited in London and printed in Bolzano, Monocle – The Summer Weekly sets a new standard for the look and feel of a newspaper at a time when print is enjoying a renaissance, and sophisticated, discerning consumers are looking for high-quality long reads. The newspaper is confidently priced at EUR5/GBP5/CHF8 and its print run of 70,000 reflects MONOCLE's belief that there will always be an audience for a beautifully designed, carefully curated, well-produced print product. 

“We asked ourselves a question: how would you do a newspaper if you could start from scratch? Well designed and carefully curated, Monocle – The Summer Weekly features a good dose of opinion from the editors at MONOCLE, strong reporting and our usual global perspective. We are producing a smart, enjoyable read for August.”
— Andrew Tuck, Editor of MONOCLE

The newspaper will be available in key cities, airports, travel hubs and resorts in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is also available in key independents in London and at Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Customers may also purchase the newspapers at Monocle Shops globally, including the online shop at