Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell published today



Published by Hot Key Books (Bonnier Zaffre)

4 May 2017, £12.99 hardback

The first book in a compelling and darkly humorous new YA series from the acclaimed fantasy author Sebastien de Castell.  Combining cinematic storytelling with tricks, traps, duels and magic in a witty, fast-paced adventure, Spellslinger is set to enchant YA and fantasy fans of all ages.

How do you survive a mage's duel without magic? Kellen's about to risk everything: His family, his home, even his own life...

When you're a Jan'Tep initiate approaching your sixteenth birthday, you'd better be ready to prove your worth as a mage. Either that or have a miracle on the way. And Kellen isn't counting on either. He knows he'll need a few tricks up his sleeve to avoid disgracing his family and becoming a Sha'Tep servant. So when a sassy, straight-talking traveller arrives in town, Kellen is all ears. Ferius Parfax is jaded but worldly, an exile who lives by her wits and the three decks of cards she carries. She can't teach him to spark his bands and access the seven magics, but with the hand that Kellen's been dealt, he knows he needs all the help he can get…

“Hugely enjoyable – fast-paced, compassionate, wise and with terrific characters… I love the humour and the thoughtfulness as well as the plot”
— Amanda Craig

Outlawed with only the gambling, thieving Ferius Parfax as his friend, Kellen embarks on a non-stop, spellbinding adventure – a thrilling rite of passage, where he learns that instead of waiting for your gifts to come to you, sometimes you have to go out and find them.

A dramatic, laugh-out-loud tale of betrayal, romance, magic and the discovery of one’s true nature, this coming-of-age story with a twist is perfect for fans of The Dark Tower, Firefly, The Hunger Games and Guardians of the Galaxy.

“A cracking read, fast-paced and witty, with an excellent squirrel-cat sidekick”
— The Bookseller

Sebastien de Castell had just finished a degree in Archaeology when he started work on his first dig. Four hours later he realized how much he actually hated archaeology and left to pursue a very focused career as a musician, ombudsman, interaction designer, fight choreographer, teacher, project manager, actor and product strategist. His only defence against the charge of unbridled dilettantism is that he genuinely likes doing these things and that, in one way or another, each of these fields plays a role in his writing. He sternly resists the accusation of being a Renaissance Man in the hopes that more people will label him that way. Sebastien lives in Vancouver with his lovely wife and two belligerent cats.

Sebastien de Castell will be in the UK on 30th April-6th May.

Follow Sebastien www.decastell.com or on Twitter: @decastell