Steve Hilton's 'MORE HUMAN' out Thursday in paperback

MORE HUMAN: Designing a World Where People Come First
Published by WH Allen (Penguin Random House)
Thursday 26 May 2016, £8.99 paperback

Serialised exclusively in the Daily Mail today (Why we MUST quit the EU, by Cameron's guru), The Sunday Times bestseller and one of the bestselling political books of 2015 – More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First by Steve Hilton – is being published for the first time in paperback in a new edition with more world-changing ideas.

A cri de coeur about the dehumanisation of modern government
— The Economist
A provocative book that challenges us all to reclaim our lives
— The Sunday Times
Hilton’s plea will strike many chords with readers
— the guardian
A powerful and authentic voice… captivating
— Private Eye

In this powerful manifesto, Steve Hilton argues that the frustrations people feel with government, politics, their economic circumstances and their daily lives are caused by deep structural problems with the systems that dominate our modern world – systems that have become too big, bureaucratic and distant from the human scale. He shows how change is possible, offering us a more human way of living.

Steve Hilton is co-founder and CEO of Crowdpac, a Silicon Valley political tech start-up, and a visiting professor at Stanford University. He was formerly senior adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron and played a leading role in the modernisation of the Conservative Party and in the implementation of its government reform programme. Steve graduated from Oxford University in 1990 and now lives in California with his wife and young family.

Interviews: Steve Hilton will be in the UK and available for press opportunities from Tuesday 24 May to Saturday 28 May. Hilton will be appearing at Hay Festival on Saturday 28 May.