Former FT digital editor appointed Director of new London bookshop: Libreria

The new book shop from the founders of Second Home has announced its name and core team, following a series of key appointments ahead of their planned 2016 opening.

The Hanbury St. bookseller will be called Libreria, with former FT journalist and digital editor Sally Davies appointed as Director of the new offering and Daunt Books alumni Paddy Butler supporting as assistant manager.

From the founders of Second Home, the iconic East London space for entrepreneurs and creative businesses, Libreria is set to launch early in the New Year with co-founders, Rohan Silva and Sam Aldenton, maintaining close involvement.

Drawing inspiration from Jorge Borges’ short story The Library of Babel, the space will be unlike any other bookseller, using a creative approach to curation and community-building. The name “Libreria”, which means “book shop” in Spanish and Italian, is a nod to the store’s cosmopolitan outlook.

Prior to her appointment, Davies was the digital editor of FT Weekend and the technology and innovation correspondent. With a background in law, cultural history and philosophy, Davies has worked as a litigator at the firm that is now Allens Linklaters in Australia before starting her career in journalism.

A founding editor of Nautilus, the award-winning literary magazine of science and philosophy, Davies has also written for The Economist and the BBC. Her work on innovation in the FT newsroom led to a National Press Award nomination.

She said: “Libreria is trying to reimagine the kinds of conversations and communities you can build around books. We’re rooted in an area of London with a rich history of print, and we see ourselves as part of that vibrant tradition. For me, as a writer and digital journalist, storytelling and innovation are my vocation, so I’m delighted to be bringing these passions together in the bookselling world.

“Drawing on advice and guidance from industry experts, Libreria has been a long time in the making and we are excited to share our ambitious vision for a new kind of bookselling in the New Year.”